International solidarity has never been more important

Recent investigations have revealed that the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has been allowing the sale of spyware to the hard-right, anti-democratic government in Honduras.

The regime is currently engaged in a brutal crackdown on protests.

The Honduran state has received hundreds of thousands of pounds’ worth of British spyware that it has used to monitor, disrupt and prevent anti-government campaigning. Continue reading “International solidarity has never been more important”

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The Persecution of Brazil’s Lula is a Danger to Democracy

For those who have been following Brazil closely in recent years, the case against former President Lula da Silva is clear-cut. And no, it’s not about tackling corruption, it’s about subverting Brazilian democracy for the second time in two years, writes Patrick Foley. (10/05/18) Continue reading “The Persecution of Brazil’s Lula is a Danger to Democracy”

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