International solidarity has never been more important

Recent investigations have revealed that the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has been allowing the sale of spyware to the hard-right, anti-democratic government in Honduras.

The regime is currently engaged in a brutal crackdown on protests.

The Honduran state has received hundreds of thousands of pounds’ worth of British spyware that it has used to monitor, disrupt and prevent anti-government campaigning. Continue reading “International solidarity has never been more important”

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Nine years on from the coup, we still need to stand up for Honduras

By Chris Williamson MP, honorary president of Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America for The Morning Star.

IT’S now nine years since the US backed the military coup in Honduras which deposed the progressive democratic government of president Manuel Zelaya.

The consequences for the Honduran people were deepening poverty and increasing violence and repression. Continue reading “Nine years on from the coup, we still need to stand up for Honduras”

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